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Welcome to the chaos of the Galaxy! Humanity has finally expanded to the galaxy and populated lots of planets. For a while it was good but… this expansion to the stars has caused the human population to explode and new nations and alliances have now been formed challenging the peace of the galaxy. New wars and raids are now the order of the day. Someone is needed to bring order to chaos and restore peace. Are you up to the challenge? Join as a young officer of the Free Planets Alliance space fleet and become the ultimate leader of the alliance or even its Supreme Leader! Rise through the ranks and build your own base and armies and challenge other players to battles for supremacy and resources. Develop technologies and take on daring missions while exploring the vast world of the Free Planets Alliance. Join the battle now!


Experience the thrill of our interactive gameplay...

Build your base and forge your empire! Start building your base and gather resources in order to get access to even more buildings but don’t forget to always keep alert for incoming attacks or raids by your enemies. Build a mine and farms, technology centers and spaceports and more. Assign your own officers and generals and choose what to do with them based on the outcome of their battles. Punish or promote them but… be careful because they can always turn against you and claim your power. The choice is yours. Select your battles wisely and decide when the time is right for an attack or a tactical retreat. Expand the borders of the Alliance and become your own boss by conquest or by… marriage to a beautiful princess or prince! This Space Opera puts you into an adventure filled with drama, all wrapped up in the vibrant world of an anime game. Lots of exciting adventures are waiting for you ahead. Your fleets of space frigates and armies of men await your command. Stand up and lead!

Technologies and Exploration

In this anime browser game you get access to a unique range of weapons and technologies that will give you the advantage over your enemies. Build them or buy them! Build new frigates and upgrade them with new engines and weapons. Train your soldiers or simply… replace them with advanced androids! The universe is vast and new planets are always within your reach. Explore new planets and add them to your realm while blundering their resources. Your fate among the stars is in your own hands. Take it!


Stay tuned for regular updates and exciting events...

The Free Planets Alliance is not just an Anime Browser Game but a living organism and like all living organisms it evolves and adapts. Thus, regular updates will take place periodically in order to enhance the experience of our players and the mechanics of the platform. We'll keep you posted. Don't forget to resister to our newsletter so that you can receive the news and latest updates first.